For example, i liked this kit from canon where you buy canon eos 800d camera which is no. 1 on our list of the best cameras for amateur photographers and also a pair of 18-55mm and 75-300mm lenses.   for approximately, 8,000, the nikon d3x is a very serious dslr camera, but for those that need its high-end features and capabilities, it is the camera to buy. The nikon d3s isnt as revolutionary as the legendary nikon d3, but includes many attractive refinements for serious amateurs and pros who are ready to spend 5200 for a dslr.   sony a68 (also known as ilca-68) is an amateur level camera, endowed with a number of abilities of more serious models. In its essence, this is a simplified version of the semi-professional model ilca-77m2, from which the a68 has borrowed many strengths.   take the pentax k5 review, for example, which is called a serious amateurs camera and yet is compared to its direct competition, the canon 7d and nikon d300s, cameras that are for keen enthusiasts, professionals and aspiring-professionals.   news reviews articles buying guides sample images videos cameras lenses phones printers forums galleries challenges. Best cameras and lenses 2019 all forums beginners questions change forum. Great budget camera for a serious amateur started jul 4, 2014 discussions thread forum parent first previous next flat view. The d5600 is the dslr nikon offers you if youre a step-up from its most basic entry-level model (the d3400). It has a range of features which are designed to give you a little more from the camera, in a more expensive package.   this year, kyocera has announced two new models the kyocera ez digital 1. 3-megapixel finecam s3, with a 2x optical zoom lens, for the serious amateur.   one of my co-workers had a book on digital photography yesterday (intro level book) and i picked it up. It showed my camera (fuji finepix 5100) in the section where it was explaining different types of cameras -- p&s, prosumer (that was mine) and dslr.