like most portable ham radios in its price range, it has the standard frequency range 400-470 mhz on uhf and 136-174 mhz for vhf. With a 2200 mah battery and battery-saving features, this radio can last anywhere from 12 to 14 hours.   portable ham radio is the best way to make contacts with other amateur radio operators when you live in the city or suburbs. It is a fun and a great way to get away from the rf noise of the city and be in nature. It is a great way to meet new friends and build relationships. Ham radio in the field is also a great way to practice emergency radio. Introduction js8call has been in around for a few years now, but its sadly still not very popular. Over the past weekend we went out to a couple of high points in exmoor national. Handheld ham radio, mobile ham radio, and base-station ham radio. The handheld transceivers allow ham operators to communicate on the go due to their low power output, handheld ham radios typically have a range of only 5 miles at the most their range can be increased by a nearby ham. Multifunctional, digital, compact amateur radio station for radio operation at home, on the road or in emergency radio applications. Since i was licensed as an amateur radio operator in 1986, i have been enthusiastic about the possibilities of. Portable zero manufactures tactical carriers and battery pack systems for many popular hf transceivers. We are up and running during this covid-19 crisis and welcome your business! Our products are made is usa in our family run shop. Off grid ham radio portable winlink hello operatorsin this mini-episode of off grid ham radio with oh8stn, snapper and i take the icom ic-705, microsoft surface go2, chameleon mpas 2.   welcome to the amateur radio portable operators club dedicated to supporting amateur radio portable operators worldwide. Lack of space, small gardens, planning issues and man made noise are just a few of the reasons operating at home is difficult for some and why operators choose to go portable. George and tommy, from amateurlogic review the ic-9700 with ray novak, n9ja.