Community drama and amateur drama groups often need play scripts for small groups with a broad range of roles for casts of different ages, races and acting abilities. Our scripts are ideal for amateur theatre groups, theatre schools, youth groups, schools and solo performers. Our searchable script library will help you narrow down the ideal script for your requirements. All scripts are downloadable instantly in both pdf and microsoft word formats. At scottish plays we have a comprehensive list of scripts suitable for amateurs and professional theatre groups alike. With popular original playscripts such as cinderella, snow white, the princess and the pigs, beauty and the beast, the little mermaid and more. All of our play scripts bring good, moral life lessons to your stage and are safe for all ages. The play tells the story of a middle-aged man just made redundant, and having to move out from his native glasgow. Peter, a man of peace, is married to sarah, a widow, who completely dominates him. He is very long-suffering, but reaches the end of his tether when. Browse theatre scripts on-line from the 3265 plays, pantomimes, musicals and sketches published by lazy bee scripts. All the scripts can be read in full on the lazy bee scripts site. Short plays (also known as skits) are an excellent way for new actors start out. Rather than giving them a full play, give them something short to work with and play with theatre before jumping into something big. These skits may also be used for readers theatre in the classroom as a quick and easy lesson. Play scripts for one-act plays, short plays, and full-length plays, about aging, for senior citizens and senior drama clubs to perform, or be performed for seniors audiences in senior living communitieis and retirement communities. These stage plays have roles for mature actors from 40 to 70.