This is a super strong nmo magnetic mount that works great for mobile ham radio antennas. It comes with a high-quality coaxial cable as well which is also pretty thick. Buy the best and latest magnet mount ham radio antenna on banggood. Com offer the quality magnet mount ham radio antenna on sale with worldwide free shipping.   the average mag-mount antenna gets its ground from the magnetic attraction between the mount and the metal of the car body. This is nowhere near the quality of a good, solid ground connection to the body. We are relying here on the mount, the paint on the car, and the metal underneath to form a capacitive ground connection. Dualband antenna 2meter 70cm mobile vhfuhf ham radio (137-149, 437-480 mhz) mag mount magnet base pl-259 connector, 10 ft rg58 cable 4. Firestik k11 - heavy duty magnet antenna mount with 18-foot coax pl259. Firestik k-11 - ham radio antenna magnet mount the strongest single-magnet mount you can own! The firestik k-11 mag-mount has a 4. The ceramic magnet uses a heavy steel cup to concentrate the magnetic field, therefor increasing the. Going motorcycle mobile my background how i got started with motorcycling choosing the proper radio equipment bluetooth options choosing the proper antenna mounting options for the antenna radio mounting rf safety ieee c95.   testing the ground plane advantage when using a mag mount antenna indoors. Mfjs power gain is ham radios most powerful dual band magnet mount mobile antenna! It gives you outstanding gain on 440 mhz and 2 meters.