How to unlock stuporman get donnys pimp level to the max. Tutorial amateur surgeon - peter (file 3) how to beat peter in amateur surgeon. Alan probe amateur surgeon is an addicting game from adult swim and similar to very popular dark cut games. In this game, pizza delivery guy hits a homeless guy with his car, performs surgery on him using his pizza delivery guy tools, and homeless guy then teaches him how to perform other surgeries, as it turns out he used to be a doctor.   use either the car battery or the chainsaw on the center of the mouth of the large bug until it is dazed. Kill the large bug completely by using the needle on the third and final eye of the large bug. His pre-op in amateur surgeon 3 first, slice into his head and remove the coffee beans embedded into his brain and get rid of the pus boils by cutting them open or sucking them out with the red syringe. And yes, its hard (especially if you didnt play the original amateur surgeon), we know this. When it is inhaling, zap it in the mouth with the car battery. Once you do that enough to have cut all the tentacles, use the.