we have on record, an amateur rocket launch dating back to 1965 that exceeded this altitude, as well as other record attempts that surpasses the 10km altitude. The current altitude record for an amateur built rocket in south africa is 32km. -tall rocket was the largest amateur rocket ever launched and recovered successfullyand at 1648 pounds, also the heaviest. On may 17, 2004, civilian space exploration team (csxt) successfully achieved the first officially verified flight of an amateur high-power rocket into space, achieving an altitude of 116 km (72 mi). High altitude amateur rocket records 72 miles (116 km) - may 17, 2004 - black rock, nevada - led by ky michaelson ( the rocketman ), the civilian space exploration team flew the 21-foot go fast rocket using a solid fuel motor.   the record for highest altitude obtained by a rocket-powered aircraft (self-launchedi. Not launched from another aircraft) was 24,217 m (79,452 ft) on may 2, 1958 by roger carpentier over istres, france in a sud-ouest trident ii mixed power (turbojet & rocket engine) aircraft. Thank you! A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 49.