Tefilo stevenson lawrence ( ) was a cuban amateur boxer, who competed from 1966 to 1986. He won the val barker trophy (1972) and was honoured with the olympic order (1987). Stevenson is one of only three boxers to win three olympic gold medals, alongside hungarian lszl papp and fellow cuban félix savn. Ham operators take to the air since the weekend, amateur radio operators in cuba began reaching out to fellow hams in the united states. One american, of cuban descent, has been taking the lead on the effort to keep us all informed of the latest developments in cuba. Cuba is the only country that has two three-time olympic champions teofilo stevenson and félix savn. Foreign influence contributed to the development of cuban amateur boxing. American partisan started operation cuba libre to counter cuban rum runner (the ham radio worlds name to describe the jamming. Scout of ap asks all properly licensed american ham operators to get on the 40m band between 7.). A few hours after the protest broke out on the 11 th, ham alex valladares (w7hu) says he was speaking with a cuban operator on 7. 130 megahertz in the 40-meter band, when their conversation was. My good friend alex, w7hu has uncovered that cuba is jamming ham radio frequencies to stop communication in and out of cuba. Frying croquetas de jamon (ham croquettes) is the traditional way of making cuban croquettes. Dip croquette into the egg wash and allow excess yolk to come off before coating the croquette with breadcrumbs. Gently drop croquette into hot oil and fry for 2-4 minutes or until a beautiful golden color.