Canadian callsign database of ham radio operators who or where do you want to find? (multiple keywords permitted) select ham operators, examiners, or special-event callsigns the time machine can search older callbooks. Canadian amateur radio call sign database canadian radio-television and telecommunications commission the database is available online already so it just needs to be added to your catalogue. The certificate of proficiency in amateur radio is accompanied by a call sign used to identify the station. Canadian call signs normally have a national prefix consisting of two letters and a number, followed by a two- or three-letter suffix e. If your information is incorrect, or if you want more information about ham radio in canada, contact the industry canada amateur radio service centre e-mail spectrum. In order to become an amateur radio operator, one must pass the basic exam with a mark of 70 or greater. Ca and read rbr 4, ric 3, and ric 9 under the section documentation before taking the exam. About canadian amateur radio callsign database the resource is currently listed in dxzone. The main category is callsign search and qrz rosters that is about callsign searching and amateur radio call-signs. This link is listed in our web site directory since saturday nov 14 1998, and till today canadian amateur radio callsign database has been followed for a total of. - at national radio data you can search for more than 838,000 united states and 55,000 canadian ham radio call signs and related information. Radio amateurs of canada is once again offering an online advanced qualification amateur radio course so that individuals can upgrade their qualifications while. Resembling a telephone directory and contains the name and addressees of licensed ham radio stations. Contact a contributor if you can help or have any other contributions.   va was added when region 3 (ontario) was almost out of available call signs. Va calls exist for regions 1 through 7 but not for 8,9 and 0. A problem prehaps created when industry canada decided that in order not to have to renew licenses decided that call signs expire on the registered users death or 125th.