in that sense, the mazel 7 iron golf is ideal for all the amateur golfers. The manufacturer has forged the head of the iron with stainless steel and expanded the sweet spot to provide improved accuracy even if the shot is not that good. For those moving on to more medium handicap levels, the mizuno jpx 919 may provide more functionality. You can also go for complete sets like the callaway strata, which are easy on your pockets too. Lets get a better understanding of some of the best irons for beginners.   callaway ultimate strata is the best amateur golf club set you can get at such a price. Once you have started using it, you will hardly feel the need to use any other brand. With that said, you can still opt to change to advanced clubs once you have mastered the basics of golf. Contents hide 1 callaway mens strata complete golf set best overall.   1 callaway golf mens strata golf set (best golf clubs for amateur) buy on amazon. I am adding this item to my list to make this list very fascinating for you. For many amateur golfers, the callaway strata set is the best option. It provides greater clubs at an attractive cost to meet your budget. The new hollow body irons are gorgeous to look at, while providing the accuracy, control, and feel that better players prefer. Fairway finder and much more - callaways x forged ut irons. The new callaway x forged utility irons offer all the latest tech, in a confidence inspiring, hollow body. Perhaps its a slightly bulkier iron that offers enough forgiveness to let you reach the front of the green on a slight mis-hit. Ap2 irons, depending on who you ask, have been one of the hottest players irons for the last decade. Like i mentioned before, they are just an all-around great iron. Not the best in any specific category, but near the top of every category (distance, feel, durability, distance control).