Modern organized sports developed in the 19th century, with the united kingdom and the united states taking the lead. Sporting culture was especially strong in private schools and universities, and the upper and middle-class men who attended those institutions played as amateurs. Opportunities for working classes to participate in sport were restricted by their long six-day work weeks and sunday sabbatarianism. In the uk, the factory actof 1844 gave working men half a day off, making the opportunity to take part in sport more widely available. Other articles where amateur sport is discussed athletics organization and tournaments is still restricted to the amateur athlete, although the definition of amateur continues to evolve. Amateur sports synonyms, amateur sports pronunciation, amateur sports translation, english dictionary definition of amateur sports. One who engages in an art, science, study, or athletic activity as a pastime rather than as a profession.   we define amateur sport as those who participate and govern at the youth, recreational, community, international, and intercollegiate level. The chief amateur sport in late-nineteenth-century america was track and field, and under the control of the aau from the late 1880s onward, the sport flourished. The nyac, as well as other clubs throughout the nation, produced the nation s top track and field performers, the best of whom were brought together for the aau national championships. The aau maintained a strict amateur code, severely penalizing violators. -based teams, leagues, clubs and associations conducting youth or adult amateur sports activities. Coverage provided under this program includes important liability protection for the organization, including its employees and volunteers, for liability claims arising out of its operations.