there you have some of what it takes to enter the wonderful world of amateur rally racing. Whether your goal is to eventually enter a pro circuit or stay as an amateur, its all in the game. Cominvite56h53b3ujc song funk cool groove by musictoday80 composed & produced by anwar amr video link. Its probably the most obvious form of amateur racing, and certainly the easiest to get into. You just find a go-kart track, pay some money and you can start driving your timed laps.   the golf has the advantage of being dirt cheap (no pun intended) to buy and maintain, and it has a ton of racing and rally support. In beginning rally or rallycross, durablility and ease of maintenance is far and away the most important thing to consider. Does zooming down back-roads on dirt, pavement, mud, gravel and more sound like fun? While you can start the most amateur of rally events in your own car, you may not want to take the risk.   so you want to become a rally driver? The scca rallycross is an affordable option open to any participant with a vehicle.