a short form documentary covering the coconino amateur radio clubs involvement with the grand canyon marathon on november 6, 2010. Jorgenson ke7hr the fall 2006 arizona regional (ara) meeting pro-vided a nice, easy to access cave (elevator!) in which to use the ham radios for communicating with the surface. There was a dig going on at the end of one of the cave passages, at the deepest part of the cave. Rumble note this video had to be re-edited and re-uploaded for certain reasons. We went hiking and camping with our amateur radio gear at the grand canyon on september 23, 2007. We picked up some interesting signals on the hf bands that night. This page evolved from my initial frustrations many years ago when visiting the grand canyon and not hearing anything on the national aprs frequency of 144. 39 in the park, nor getting any local info beacons to tell me about voice repeaters or anything else about ham radio in the area.