Servicing all brands of transceivers including kenwood, icom, yeasu, and alinco plus others. We also repair tuners, power supplies, amps and whatever other accessories you might need help with around the shack. We have been doing ham radio repair since 1977, and have built, serviced, and pmd many of the repeaters in. I have worked in the field for 40 years on lmr equipment, repeaters, and microwave. Over 40 years of quality service repairing military, commercial, and amateur radio. The shock of a radio being dropped in transit has to be absorbed. This entry was posted in projects and tagged antennas, dipole antenna, easy to build. This entry was posted in projects and tagged antennas, dipole antenna, easy to build. Ham radio repair means that we replace the components on the board that are defective rather than replace the entire board. Transistors and ics cost only a fraction of the cost of a replacement board (typically about 3). Replacement of ham radios usually costs from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In the past i have been involved with component level repair and maintenance of a wide variety of analog and digital radio communications equipment and systems, for commercial, marine, avionics and amateur radio. At home, im an avid amateur radio dxer and contester and also spend time building original, home-brew transceivers and antennas. For over two decades i have repaired equipment for many fellow hams and friends. I have over 30 years experience repairing military, commercial, and amateur radio systems and equipment. I would be pleased to provide you with honest, quality repair work. We are located in san antonio, texas, and have been serving the amateur radio community for over 20 years. Feel free to contact us any time by e-mail or phone to discuss your technical needs. An important part of amateur radio is the ability to troubleshoot and fix station equiment when needed. This skill is used to great effect under emergency conditions, when you can get systems up and running while the commercial services may take weeks to make a repair. Fixing equipment can be an effective way to learn about electronics. Specialising in amateur radio and cb (citizens band) equipment repairs. Uk or to discuss feasibility of repair and if i cant do it i may know someone who can! Chris has 30 years plus experience in design and repairs as a radio ham he is also an industrial trouble-shooter supplying bespoke.