if you have a 65 kg fighter and want to know how many lbs. If you have a 145 lb fighter and want to know the weight in kg, divide it by 2. When the (amateur) international boxing association (aiba) was founded in 1946 to govern amateur boxing, it metricated the weight class limits by rounding them to the nearest kilogram. Subsequent alterations as outlined in the boxing at the summer olympics article these have introduced further discrepancies between amateur and professional class limits and names. The lower weight classes are to be adjusted in september 2010, to establish an absolute minimum weight for adult boxers.   class name men weight women wight juniors weight super heavyweight 91--heavyweight. The reason being the max weight is for heavy weight is 200 lbs anything over is super heavy weight. So the weights listed below are the maximum weight in that weight division. Weight class weight allowance glove size straw weight up to and including 115 lbs. The calculator uses your current weight, body fat percentage, and other factors to determine your weight class (both in amateur and pro boxing).